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Ph.D. Programmes

Dr. Samrat Roy
Ph.D. Programme Co-ordinator


September 2015 was a landmark in the history of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. The college was granted permission by the University of Calcutta to independently initiate a Ph.D. program in the departments of Physics, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Commerce. This makes St. Xavier’s one of a very select few colleges in the country to be allowed this privilege. It is a recognition by both the University of Calcutta and the University Grants Commission that St. Xavier’s has the merit, quality and academic pedigree to undertake and supervise research.


Prior to this, teachers of these departments were registered as doctoral supervisors under the University of Calcutta. As supervisors working under University rules, they could guide or act as co-guides to Ph.D. students registered under the University of Calcutta. The permission to run an independent Ph.D. program in St. Xavier’s College is significant in that it empowers the faculty of the four Departments to supervise Ph.D. work of research scholars registered with the College, following the Ph.D. regulations of St. Xavier’s College formulated according to the University Grants Commission and approved by the Senate of the University of Calcutta.


The Ph.D. program has been running successfully since the time of its inception with Fr. Principal as Head of the Ph.D. Committee.


The induction of fresh Ph.D. scholars happens once a year in the month of July. The process involves a successful completion of the Research Entrance Examination (RET) and a rigorous interview. The scholars have to register under St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), after completing the Ph.D. Course Work conducted by the College. The final Ph.D. degree is conferred by St. Xavier’s College and University of Calcutta.
The motto of the College is Nihil Ultra- Nothing Beyond. Fr. Dr. Dominic Savio, SJ, Principal, St. Xavier’s College, has taken that motto seriously. His mission is to expand the college by opening new PG courses in both the Arts and Science streams and finally, Ph.D. programs in these courses. With his vision, inspiration and determination, the College marches ahead to turn his dreams into a reality.


The subjects offered are Physics, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Commerce respectively.


The total scholars currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program since 2016 till date is 69.


The Registered scholars across departments is 36.


The Ph.D curriculum includes course work classes for its first batch of scholars towards the end of the year followed by course work examination before winter vacations.


“Scholar’s Day” the annual event of the PhD program is held every year since it’s inception in 2018.
The PhD department looks forward to extend its wings to other post graduate disciplines of this college which will open new avenues of research in their respective disciplines.

Admissions 2019

In the year, 2019, 65 candidates applied for Ph.D programs in Commerce, Physics, Micro biology and Biotechnology respectively. The non Net candidates are required to qualify Research Aptitude Test (RET) as per UGC norms. The total number of RET eligible candidates were 19. Out of 19 candidates who appeared for RET, 11 candidates were successful.


The total number of RET exempted candidates were 44.


All the 44 candidates appeared for interview. The total number of candidates selected in the Ph.D. Interview is 20


All the 20 candidates enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in 2019 batch.

The subject wise break up is stated as :

Subjects offered in Ph.D. Programs Enrolled Students in 2019
Physics 3
Biotechnology 3
Microbiology 4
Commerce 10
Research – Faculty
Ph.D. Supervisors/Experts

Supervisors and Experts from inside the college

Name of Supervisors/Experts Department
Rev. Fr. Dr. Dominic Savio Commerce
Rev. Fr. Dr. Xavier S (S.J.) Microbiology
Dr. Tapati Dutta Physics
Dr. Subhankar Ghosh Physics
Dr. Suparna Roy Choudhury Physics
Dr. Shibaji Banerjee Physics
Dr. Soma Ghosh Physics
Dr. Sarbari Guha Physics
Dr. Sudipa Saha Biotechnology
Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti Biotechnology
Dr. Aryadeep Roy Choudhury Biotechnology
Dr. Chandana Barat Biotechnology
Dr. Jhimli Dasgupta Biotechnology
Dr. Ronita Nag Chowdhuri Biotechnology
Dr. Aniruddha Banerjee Biotechnology
Dr. Uma Siddhanta Biotechnology
Dr. Kasturi Sarkar Microbiology
Dr. Mahasweta Mitra Ghosh Microbiology
Dr. Arup Kumar Mitra Microbiology
Dr. Madhumita Maitra Microbiology
Dr. Sudeshna Shyam Choudhury Microbiology
Dr. Riddhi Majumder Microbiology
Dr. Anindita Banerjee Microbiology
Dr. Jaydip Ghosh Microbiology
Dr. Shivaji Banerjee Commerce
Dr. Sreemoyee Guha Roy Commerce
Dr. Saswati Chaudhari Commerce
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Basu Commerce
Dr. Samrat Roy Commerce
Dr. Sumona Ghosh Commerce
Dr. Sumana Guha Commerce
Dr. Soheli Ghose Commerce
Dr. Atish Prosad Mondal Commerce
Dr. Samir Kumar Lobwo Commerce
Dr. Partha Pratim Ghosh Commerce
Dr. Amitava Roy Commerce

Supervisors and Experts from outside the college

Name of Supervisors/Experts Department
Dr. Supti Sadhukhan Physics
Dr. Tajkera Khatun Physics
Dr. Sandip Kumar Basak Microbiology
Dr. Samir Kumar Pal Microbiology
Dr. Satadal Das Microbiology
Dr. Nirmalendu Das Microbiology
Dr. Nabanita Giri Microbiology
Dr. Mohua Banerjee Commerce
Research – Students
Ph.D. Scholars Details
Enrolled Candidates in 2016
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 Md. Injamul Haque Physics
2 Shreeparna Ganguly Biotechnology
3 Senjuti Banerjee Biotechnology
4 Dipankar Roy Microbiology
5 Biswajit Biswas Microbiology
6 Senjuti Banerjee Microbiology
7 Ritun Chakraborty
8 Debanjana Sengupta Microbiology
9 Debjani Dutta Microbiology
10 Zeba Farheen Commerce
11 Chandra Kant Parmar Commerce
12 Shaunak Roy Commerce
13 Puja Bhowmik Commerce
14 Rev. Fr. A. Peter Arockiam (S.J.) Commerce
15 Rev. Fr. Joseph Kulandai (S.J.) Commerce
Enrolled Candidates in 2017
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 Ashadul Halder Physics
2 Gayatri Banerjee Physics
3 Rupa Basu Physics
4 Sehnaz Ferdosh Biotechnology
5 Indrila Saha Biotechnology
6 Shrestha Chakraborty Biotechnology
7 Peeali Mukherjee Biotechnology
8 Puja Agnihotri Microbiology
9 Pritam Biswas Microbiology
10 Uzma Khan Commerce
11 Priyadarshini Rasquinha Commerce
12 Dipanjan Basu Commerce
13 Sunita Saha Ghatak Commerce
14 Sonali Saha Commerce
15 Sreemoyee Datta Commerce
16 Santa Ghosal Commerce
17 Ami Jain Commerce
18 Rev. Fr. Milton Costa (S.J.) Commerce
Enrolled Candidates in 2018
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 Samarjit Chakraborty Physics
2 Sucheta Datta Physics
3 Anamika Roy Physics
4 Samiul Haque Physics
5 Ammara Khatun Physics
6 Ruhul Amin Ibne Haque Physics
7 Sanatan Ghosh Biotechnology
8 Ankur Singh Biotechnology
9 Tamanna Sultana Microbiology
10 Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay Microbiology
11 Subhajit Saha Microbiology
12 Banibrata Roy Microbiology
13 Bikram Dhara Microbiology
14 Meesha Singh Microbiology
15 Anurag Banerjee Commerce
16 Kushal Dey Commerce
Enrolled Candidates in 2019
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 Uttaran Ghosh Physics
2 Sourav Chowdhury Physics
3 Sankha Subhra Aditya Physics
4 Anirban Roy Biotechnology
5 Preeti Khan Biotechnology
6 Aparajita Chakraborty Biotechnology
7 Debapriya Maitra Microbiology
8 Sejuti Ray Microbiology
9 Chandana Paul Microbiology
10 Arpita Pareshchandra Mondal Microbiology
11 Rajashik Sen Commerce
12 Subhankar Parbat Commerce
13 Arpita Dey Commerce
14 Sirsha Biswas Commerce
15 Mahananda Sen Gupta Commerce
16 Ruby Mary Notts Commerce
17 Risav Adhikari Commerce
18 Moitrayee Basu Commerce
19 Tanmayananda Chattaraj Commerce
20 Aparajita Hembrom Commerce

Details of Registered Ph.D. Scholars

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